About us

                                                                header2 Gabriele Wolf gave her name to the boutique when it first opened in November 1998, in the rue des Chartreux n°14. That street, which has flourished since to become one of the fanciest spots for individual and avant-garde boutiques, only held two stores at the time, Gabriele Vintage included. In 2004 she moved to a larger space at n°27 across the street.

Gabriele was born in south West Germany, in the black forest region. Licensed in interior design, she was drawn to the world of theater, where she spent many years as a stage and costume designer, before moving to Brussels. It was time to put together her hobby and her professional experience to create her very own kingdom. Such an adventure cannot be achieved alone and this is why Gabriele surrounded herself with the precious help of Isabelle, Thanas and Carole, who run the store just like her and help with every event the store takes part in. Let’s not forget those who are behind the scenes: Luigi who is responsible for the cleanliness of the windows and mirrors. Christophe and David from the Art Consult office who help us juggle with the numbers. Others such as Maria, Jo, Eléna, Tiphaine, Aurore, Chloé, Gaëtan, Paloma and Margaux are part of a team of helpers for more one-off missions. And of course, let’s not forget about the static but no less admirable Gabriele mannequins!                                           From left to right: Luzille, Daphne, Tullah 

mannequins 2 web

from left to the right  : Sabrina, Lucille, Lizzy, Suzanne

mannequins web

Isabelle our make-up artist

 isabelle elenaI

Luigi makes the windows clean

luigi web

Maria helps us to adjust Chloé’s dress

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