We are out hunting  for you

“Where do you find all these items?”

Here is a question we are often asked. For the past 40 years Gabriele has been fascinated by the superb pieces you can unearth from the different flea markets, garage and attic sales, etc.. For herself first, then for her theatre work, and lastly for her own boutique. She loves traveling all around Belgium and beyond, wherever her nose leads her, on a treasure hunt. Unfortunately, there is no magic recipe, and you have to be at the right time and the right place! In the meantime, her network grew among the field’s professionals, who prepare a selection beforehand and sometimes provide interesting batches. We are now and again lucky enough to come across clearance sales from old stores who’ve kept stock from former days, which gives us access to never-before-worn pieces. And last but not least, we also have private individuals that supply us with their attic finds.

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