For men

We offer original garments produced between the 1920’s and 1980’s. We try to find items that are representative of each period of our selection between the 20’s and 80’s. However, the human body’s evolution limits us and previous sizes don’t necessarily match the contemporary silhouette. Nevertheless a little bit of alteration can correct sizing and allow you to wear the garment (see section “services”). For men, we have day jackets with their shirt, sweaters, trousers, suits, tuxedo jackets and combos, redingotes, tails, robes, coats and raincoats as well as accessories such as ties, bow ties, ascots, scarves, and of course shoes and hats, including bowler hats and top hats, and last but not least, small useful jewelry such as cufflinks and tie pins.

  • Fitted jacket with creme-blue and yellow checks '60, €70 Light grey wool trousers '60, €40 Pink shirt with large collar '60-'70, €30 Striped silk tie €10 Light grey wool Fedora €45 '50 brown leather shoes €60
  • '1970, men's suit, tweed beige, size M, 120€
  • ’Black leather boots '20 – '30 120€, Top hat 75€, silk bowtie 20€, boater ‘20-'30, silk shawl 25€