Unique items

Unique Items Every item in our store is unique in its origin. But we don’t just content ourselves with offering you items we found and selected on a flea market or bought from a customer. No, no, no! Know that behind all the garments that you see, touch and try on there is a whole lot of groundwork involved. First of all, we have to clean all the items that have sometimes been resting for a long time in closets or attics to restore their original state and color, which asks for a lot of patience and a continuous probation of our practical know-how. Know that the older the garment is, the more delicate are the fabrics, and sometimes we have to accept them with some faults. Then we can make alterations on certain pieces to bring them up to date, adapt them to more modern morphologies or simply to repair them. These alterations aren’t arbitrary of course; they are always made with respect to the cut, style and period from which the piece is originated. Once all this is done, we iron all the garments and take them to the store. Now is when all the choices we have made make sense, so that you can find THE piece that defines or elevates your style at Gabriele Vintage. You are in front of absolutely unique pieces, already at the time and until the 70’s most of them were custom made in very small workshops following the client’s wishes and ideas. No one has that same exact piece, just like “Haute Couture” but a lot more affordable.