What is Vintage?

“The word vintage is used in the fashion world since the 1990’s. Beforehand it was reserved for winemaking and referred to a wine made from grapes that were all grown and harvested in a single specific year. However, fashion has little by little adopted the term, now indicating quality retro garments from the 20th century.”

Gabriele selects pieces dating from the 20’s to the 80’s, older garments deemed too fragile to be worn as well as poorly fitting due to the change in our bodies in the course of the past century.

More recent items are of no interest to us, the prêt-à-porter having taken over artisanal and individual making and styles becoming so diverse that a single current characteristic of a decade is now hard to discern.

Vintage isn’t a style, it is a lifestyle.

“Well-grasped vintage should never be worn head to toe as a costume. It imposes a subtle mix of styles, to eventually create only one, your own!” Francine Burelet in “Mode special été 2006”.

Vintage garments, well chosen and even unlabeled, help you stand out. They bear witness of a unique know-how, of an outstanding quality of fabric.”