For women

We offer original garments produced between the 1920’s and 1980’s. We try to find items that are representative of each period of our selection between the 20’s and 80’s. However, the human body’s evolution limits us and previous sizes don’t necessarily match the contemporary silhouette. Nevertheless a little bit of alteration can correct sizing and allow you to wear the garment (see section “services”). For women you will find: day and evening dresses, long and short cocktail dresses, blouses, sweaters, long and short skirts, trousers, day and evening coats, lingerie including slips, nightgowns, robes, nightshirts, petticoats, corsets, as well as a large array of accessories from shoes to hats, to handbags, gloves, scarves, jewelry and more.  We also have designer labels, we will gladly show you our couturier treasures such as Dior, Léonard or Yves Saint Laurent. On the photos you will see items similar to the ones you can find at the store. We continuously update our stock and because the items on these photos serve only as an example, they are probably out of stock. There are no two same garments, each piece being unique.

AccessoriesShoesCasualCocktail DressesBlouses, SkirtsRarities
  • '1960, silk scarf 20€
  • '1950, Leather broken white, size 4, 50€
  • '1950, synthetic fabric with plissée, blue and green flowerpattern, size 10-12, 65€
  • '1950, synthetic satin, blue and olive flowers on light grey ground, size 12-14, 90€
  • '1950, skirt from white and black raffia with white ribbon, 90€
  • '1930, silk satin with metal thread, dusty pink with golden flower pattern, 280€